I believe


I believe in life.

I believe that life is precious. I believe that life should be protected. I believe that life is more than to live.

I believe that life means to open your arms and to say “Yes” to whatever is coming.

I believe that life means being yourself and only yourself, without any compromises.

I believe that life carries me on angel’s wings, in my greatest joy as well as in my deepest pain.

I believe that life offers me a wonderful gift: the possibility to find the paradise which does not lie in heaven, not in a person, not in property, but which can be found straight inside my heart.

I believe in life. I believe and I open my heart for all the wonderful things life has to offer: the joy, the love, the abundance, the happiness, the passion, …

I believe in love. I believe that there is an abundance of love in the world and that the love that’s surrounding me is a reflection of the love inside me.

I believe in humanity without which life could not be possible. I believe in freedom.

I believe that all good things are meant for me and that all is well in my world.

I believe I deserve the very best and I believe I receive the very best. I believe.

I believe in myself. I believe in you. I believe in and love life with every heartbeat, every cell of my body, every piece of my soul.


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